Manipur’s film Andro Dreams wins best documentary award in Mumbai festival

Andro Dreams
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Renowned Manipuri filmmaker, Dr. Meena Longjam, has been honored with the “Best Documentary” award at the 8th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai for her film ‘Andro Dreams’ held on 15th October. This documentary highlights the remarkable journey of an all-girls football team from the remote region of Andro in the Imphal East district of Manipur.

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Meena, when reflecting on her achievement, described “Andro Dreams” as a heartfelt love story. It revolves around Laibi, an elderly woman with a strong spirit, and her all-girls football club in the ancient village of Andro. Over three decades, they face various challenges, including economic hardships, a patriarchal system, and rigid traditions.

Andro Dreams
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Andro Dreams highlights the struggles of two brave characters. Laibi, in her sixties, manages the Andro Mahila Mandal Association Football Club (AMMA-FC), an all-girls football club. She is a symbol of resilience. The story also follows Nirmala, the club’s most promising young football player.

Meena mentioned that “Andro Dreams” is currently being featured at various film festivals, both in India and internationally. The movie has been chosen for screenings at prestigious events like the IDS-FFK Festival in Kerala, the Korean International Ethnographic Film Festival, and the Festival Internacional de Cine de Fusagasuga 2023.

Jani Viswanath, co-producer of the film, expressed her immense pride and happiness about this achievement. She believes it’s a well-deserved recognition. Jani also shared her deep admiration for Laibi, the founder of the AMMA FC football club, whom she had the privilege to meet in Manipur. She commended Laibi’s unwavering strength and determination in managing the club against all odds.

Andro Dreams
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Throughout her decade-long career as a filmmaker, Meena has received numerous awards. One of her notable achievements was in 2015 for her documentary ‘Auto Driver,’ which highlighted the challenges faced by Imphal’s first female auto rickshaw driver.

Meena’s films consistently center on women’s empowerment. Her second documentary, ‘Achoubi in Love,’ was featured in over 30 national and international film festivals. This film follows the protagonist Achoubi as she works to protect the indigenous Manipuri ponies, which have a significant role in the sport of polo.

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