Darjeeling MLA Neeraj Zimba sells his bike to help a specially-abled athlete

MLA Neeraj Zimba
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In a heartwarming display of generosity and community support, Darjeeling MLA Neeraj Zimba provided a specially designed wheelchair and financial support for lifetime to Ankit Pradhan, an athlete from Darjeeling facing physical challenges. The athlete, who is pursuing a career in sports, was facing financial difficulties and was unable to afford the necessary equipment.

Ankit Pradhan had met with an accident a few years ago which made him physically disabled due to a fractured backbone. Pradhan who was passionate about games and sports continued following his dream undeterred by the challenges. He even received several medals at the district, state, and national levels.

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Despite his accomplishments, Pradhan found himself in dire need of financial assistance. To continue his sporting career, he needed a specially designed wheelchair for sports competitions.

But the financial burden on his family due to heavy medical expenses during his treatment made him helpless. His family tried reaching out to several leaders and organizations for financial aid which seemed to go unanswered until he connected with MLA Neeraj Zimba a few months ago.

MLA Neeraj Zimba, known for his commitment to social service, not only promised the specially designed wheel chair that Pradhan was seeking but went a step further by pledging to provide him financial support for lifetime.

Zimba sold his motor cycle and collected the required funds to help Pradhan acquire the specially designed wheel chair to accomplish his dream in sports. With this noble gesture, Zimba demonstrated a personal commitment to Pradhan’s cause.

Ankit Pradhan expressed his gratitude, stating that Zimba’s support has been a ray of hope in his life. The MLA handed over the specially designed wheelchair to Ankit at his current residence at Gurung Basti, Siliguri. Pradhan and his family were visibly moved by Zimba’s genuine concern and timely help.

This is not the first time that Zimba has helped those in need. He is known for his charitable work and has helped many people in his constituency.

MLA Neeraj Zimba, during the handover, mentioned that the process took approximately one month as the wheelchair needed to be ordered from abroad. He urged everyone to rally behind Ankit Pradhan to boost his morale in support of his sporting endeavors.

The collaborative effort between the political leader and the athlete exemplifies the positive impact that community support can have on individual lives, particularly those facing adversity.

As Ankit Pradhan prepares for upcoming competitions with renewed zeal, the support provided by MLA Neeraj Zimba serves as a shining example of how acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity within a community.

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