Arunachal teacher, Netai Chandra Dey, to be awarded National Teacher’s Award, 2023

Netai Chandra Dey
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In the heartland of Arunachal Pradesh, a dedicated educator has been in the news for being selected to receive the National Teacher’s Award 2023. Netai Chandra Dey, an outstanding teacher from Ramakrishna Mission School in Narottam Nagar, has been selected to receive the prestigious National Teacher’s Award for 2023. This recognition celebrates his unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and his profound impact on students’ lives.

Netai Chandra Dey’s journey in education spans over three decades. He has exhibited steadfast dedication and innovative teaching methods. As an educator, he had always vouched for holistic development of his students. Besides imparting academic knowledge, his approach towards overall development of his students has garnered him respect and admiration from students, colleagues and parents.

Dey’s teaching methods does not revolve around classrooms only. He actively participates in various educational initiatives and community outreach programs. He believes that education is not just about textbooks and exams but also about developing a love for learning. His ability to create engaging and interactive learning environments has set him apart as a teacher who goes the extra mile.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Netai Chandra Dey’s career is the consistent academic excellence achieved by his students. Year after year, his students secure top ranks in both national and regional examinations. This achievement is a testament to his effective teaching strategies and mentorship.

Netai Chandra Dey
Image via Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh

“Netai Chandra Dey’s selection as a recipient of the National Teacher’s Award for 2023 is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of education”, the Ramakrishna Mission School said. The school proudly acknowledges his dedication to shaping future generations and instilling values in them.

With this exciting news, the impact of Netai Chandra Dey’s work reaches far and wide. His commitment to excellence in education serves as an inspiration for educators across the nation. In an ever-evolving educational system, his innovative approach, dedication and passion for teaching shine as a beacon of light.

He is not the only one who got these special awards. Some other teachers in the school got them too. English PG teacher Debasish Roy of the same school has also been selected for the State Teacher Award, 2023. So far, three teachers got awards from the state, and three teachers got national awards for being the best teachers.

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