National Wildlife Week: Celebrating India’s Wildlife and Arunachal Pradesh’s Conservation

Wildlife Week
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As part of the 69th National Wildlife Week, the Kamlang Tiger Reserve teamed up with the NGO Awaya and Ninashi Homestay to organize a large-scale clean-up event in the rural market area of Parsuram Kund, Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh in a goal to promote a cleaner and healthier community.

The celebration for the national wildlife week has started from yesterday and will be observed all over India up to 8th of October.

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India celebrates National Wildlife Week with great enthusiasm every year. This week-long event, which typically spans from October 2nd to October 8th every year, is an opportunity for the nation to come together and reflect on the importance of wildlife conservation. National Wildlife Week aims to raise awareness about the rich natural heritage of India, its endangered species, and the need to protect and preserve these invaluable resources.

Arunachal Pradesh, known for diverse plants and animals is home to rare creatures like red pandas, snow leopards, and many bird species. To protect these animals and plants, Arunachal Pradesh is taking steps. They work with local communities to safeguard nature, and they also organize educational events and workshops.

Wildlife Week

Moreover, the state encourages responsible tourism to help conserve its natural beauty for future generations. These efforts aim to ensure that Arunachal Pradesh’s unique biodiversity continues to thrive.

Chowna Mein, Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh writes on X (previously known as twitter) that Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with a rich variety of plants and animals. He said that during National Wildlife Week we should renew our dedication to conserving wildlife and spreading awareness about its importance to everyone.

Wildlife week was first started in 1952 with a goal to make people more aware about the conversation of wildlife. In support of this mission, the Indian government has established the Indian Wildlife Council, dedicated to spreading awareness about wildlife conservation.

Throughout this week, experts will conduct interactive workshops to explain the most complex aspects of wildlife conservation in a way that people of all ages can understand and appreciate.

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